GOLD Collection: Gold Fragrance
GOLD Collection: Gold Fragrance

GOLD Collection: Gold Fragrance

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A demonstration of Ora's prowess, celebrating an idea of mystery and luxury in an unexpected fusing opulence. A sophisticated luminescent glass bottle adorned with the elevating words of God from the Holy Quran outlining the captivating sensorial experience of heaven: 
(فَرَوْحٌ وَرَيْحَانٌ وَجَنَّةُ نَعِيمٍ)
(There shall be relief and fragrance, and a Garden of Delights)

Gold, is an homage to the thousand year old oriental journey of the oud, amber and fragrances that found their meeting point in the arabian spice markets. Richly evocative and absolutely gorgeous. 
It bottles a moment in the gentle preparation process of saffron, known as the red gold for over a millennia in the middle eastern regions. An experience of pure bliss.

Top note: Oud and Cardamom
Middle note: White flowers and Saffron
Base note: Vanilla, Musk, Amber


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